winter hippie food

  • diced onion
  • sliced beets
  • chopped beet greens
  • chopped carrot greens
  • few hand fulls lentils
  • few hand fulls wheat berries
  • diced sweet potato
  • vegetable/chicken broth
  • olive oil
  • large pot w/lid
  • (next time I might throw in grated carrot too)
  1. in large pot saute onion in oil 'til aromatic
  2. add beets and saute a bit
  3. add in lentils and wheat berries and cook a while longer
  4. toss in beet greens and cook 'til wilted
  5. add sweet potato and carrot greens
  6. pour in enough broth to cover and stir the mess around
  7. cover and simmer until the liquid is absorbed
  8. after liquid is absorbed test the lentils, if they're still too hard add more broth, stir, and cook until they're done!
The whole process took me somewhere around one and a half hours. The finished product is beautifully colorful, delicious, healthy, and didn't even need any spices!

editor's note: unfortunately my camera has died, so no pictures until I go ahead and splurge on a new one, instead of doing things like replacing my husband's worn-out shoes.

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