And so glad to be.

It rained non-stop in the Netherlands and Germany. But I'm not complaining, I love northern Europe; it just feels- comfortable, relaxing.

Frankfurt- my 1st time in Europe since creation of the Euro-zone

Rome was breathtakingly beautiful.

Amelia at the races, impersonating an oil painting

Monaco was gorgeous. And unbelievably expensive. I'm not sure any real people live there.

My hotel is visible in this pic, but I did not have a sea-view

I'm home through most of January, and I'll be back to posting recipes over the next two months (hopefully.)

After that I'm back up to Seattle for another week; more on my developing love/infatuation with that city soon.

If you're curious for more check Flickr for pictures from my travels, I've almost finished uploading my SE Asia pictures, finally.

In the meantime, Rome:

Seriously fucking gorgeous folks


Where am I?

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After this I'll be home through the new year!