just wow.

I've heard it's common in offices for people to steal each other's lunches. Luckily I don't work in a place like that. But if I did....

Just wow. Really...



6:30am friday

Morning observations:

  • air so cold, I see how long I can ride with eyes closed against the wind on empty streets - about 1/4 of the distance
  • starbucks swamped, cars jam the block like it's the happeningest party in town
  • still look more like a student than staff, early commute to work feels like the predawn crosstown ride of shame
  • spewing poofing sputtering steam vents


self analysis

I realized today that I have this strange personality quirk of thinking everything is my fault, but not wanting to take responsibility for potential mistakes.

Once I've screwed up I'll admit it, learn and move on, but put me in a situation where I'm not positive I have the right answer and I'll qualify my statements 'til the end of time.



Cool thing.

I was riding my bike to work yesterday morning, pre-dawn madrugada.

The street was blocked in front of the varsity theatre, lights camera action taking place. The neon lights all lit, floodlights illuminating the street, and 20 motorcycles in formation in front of the theatre, all revving their engines.

A surreal moment, my sleep deprived self not entirely sure what to do, the street wasn't really blocked off. So I rode through the set, meekly to the far edge, hoping not to ruin the film.


happy arbor day!