Where is Amelia? Fall 2013 part I

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Two whole weeks away from Beaniac; with anti-anxiety medication and the appropriate doses of caffeine I will survive this amazing death-march that is my  job.


Working it through

Seems like most of the last year I've been suffering false start after false start.

Depression sucks.
Having walking Pneumonia for six months before I finally got a proper diagnosis and some damn antibiotics sucked.

This new wonderful mini-person in my life is amazing.
But figuring out how to readjust all the old and new priorities can suck.

Many of the ways it's changed J and my relationship are extremely painful, and every day we're doing what we can to make it work.

I need a damn good anthem to help me cope, to give me strength.

Thank you Nick Cave et all for providing.



Where is Amelia? Spring 2013 edition

One year later...

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My first big trip away from the West Coast, and the longest I'll have been away from the little one yet.
Wish me luck!

So many recipes to catch up on posting:
There's Carrot Cup-Cakes for Beaniac's 1st birthday
Sauerkraut Soup that kept us alive for months
Carrot-Ginger-Lentil Soup
Surviving 10 months of crippling postpartum depression (thankfully that's over)
And many other mushy foods easily shared by all members of the family, regardless of how many teeth they have.