Weekend Adventure (3 days to enjoy home)

landing in Sea-Tac
J & I had a weekend mini-adventure before I head off again for a few days in Santa Barbara, right on the tail of my few days in Tacoma, WA.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Tacoma Narrows Bridge, taken at the Tacoma History Museum

Saturday we explored the Fremont Weir State Wildlife Area north of Davis

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I'm pretty sure I flew in over the reserve Friday on my way home.

Photoed over at our joint Tumblr, ManyIrishTears.net (there is a story behind that name) and on my Flickr.

We also ventured to the 19th annual Pacific Rim Street Festival in Old Sac Sunday, where we had some unfortunately mediocre Asian street food (great Lumpia though) saw some Taiko, Hawaiian dancing, and Tai Chi.

Now it's time to move my clothes from one suitcase to another and enjoy some down-time together.


weekend awesome

It's the weekend, yay!

I have a few days off to pretend I'll post some of my recipes dating back to Easter brunch, catch up on house-cleaning, and hopefully play like this owl & cat.

If you've got a weekend I hope you enjoy it as much.