after the party frittata

I have two favorite mediums for dealing w/ left overs, cous cous and frittata. I tend to use cous cous when I want something lighter. but sometimes, say the morning after a party, all I really want is something easy to make w/ eggs. That's when frittata is perfect. For this I used the leftover appitizers from the night before, it saved me having to throw away a bunch of food that didn't look so hot in its current state, and made something new and amazingly tasty!

  • diced onion
  • red grapes
  • sliced sausage rounds of andoullie and chicken apple
  • one zuccini cut ino half circles
  • diced stale brie
  • shopped up spanikopita triangles
  • eggs
  • olive oil
  1. in large cast iron sillet sautee onion in oil
  2. preheat over to 250 or 300 degrees
  3. when it's aromatic add sausage
  4. cook long enough to kill anything that may have grown over night
  5. add in zuccini and sautee a minute or two
  6. toss in spanikopita and grapes and sautee a little longer
  7. meanwhile beat enough eggs to mostly cover everything in the pan w/ a little milk or water
  8. throw pieces of brie in egg mixture
  9. gently pour egg mixture into pan let it set a little
  10. transfer skillet to oven and bake half and hour to hour
  11. enjoy w/ a glass of champagne

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