Baltimore anyone?

I'll be going to Baltimore pretty soon. I'll be there just a few days, and busy with work matters during most of the time.

But, if any of the internet that happens to stumble here can recommend any must-do Baltimore activities I'd be very appreciative.

frozen world
It's becoming such a familiar sight


Becky said...

I was going to say, "eat some crab!" but then I was all... "oooh, bad call". That's what I did last time I was in Baltimore. There's also some museums. Wikipedia tells me there is a toy, tattoo and Edgar Allan Poe museum (not all at once!). Sorry, we only really stopped there on the way to the attractions of DC (like 20 years ago!).

aeMalkin said...

Damn this allergy to the delicious animals.

I wonder how well to-go crab cakes would do on the flight home...

I will try to make it to the Poe Museum. Thank you!