new food experiment

I imagined dinner tonight as some sort of North African French immigrant feast.

Rosewater pasta with tuna mousse and cauliflower saute. Start the vegetables first, make the pasta and tuna while they cook.

  • fresh fettuccine
  • rosewater
  • butter
  • salted water for boiling
  1. Cook pasta 'till al dente
  2. drain, toss with a dash of rosewater and pat of butter
  • cauliflower, broken into small florets
  • lima beans
  • japanese eggplant
  • tofurkey kielbasa, sliced in to thin rounds
  • red bell pepper
  • shallot
  • .25 red onion
  • turmeric
  • coriander seeds
  • cumin
  • walnut oil, for sauteing
  • chickpea flower
  1. Heat oil with shallot and red onion
  2. Toss in and saute vegetables and kielbasa, in whatever proportions please you. Start with cauliflower, end with bell pepper
  3. 1/2 way through add spices
  4. Add .5 tbsp chickpea flower to absorb any excess oil, taste, repeat 'till satisfied
  • canned albacore
  • mayonnaise
  • capers
  • fresh hot red pepper, like a jalapeño
  1. whip all ingredients together in bowl with a fork until creamy and fluffy. We like lots of capers, do as you please.
We didn't have any on hand, but I imagine the proper dessert to serve afterwards is saffron ice cream with sliced pickled and fresh kumquats.

Serve a small amount of each in a triangle on a large pasta bowl.

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