Potato Leek Soup

Lazy cook's note: instead of writing these instructions twice, I'm posting my contribution to a recipe exchange email, all pictures are from a lemon coconut curry version of the soup


Lately my no-time go-to recipe has been potato-leek soup. I've been
getting pounds and pounds of potatoes and leeks in the farm box, and the bigger the batch I'm willing to make the more of them I can get rid of; this soup cooks up with just about no attention needed, and freezes well .

potato leek soup ingredients

you'll need:

1) leeks; washed, dried and sliced
2) potatoes; scrubbed clean and roughly chopped (I leave skin on)
3) broth
4) fat, like oil or butter

There are no strict leek to potato ratio rules, just keep in mind that more leeks make a lighter soup, and more potatoes make a thicker soup.

lemon curry potato leek soup ingredients

1) Heat a little fat in large stock pot
2) Add leeks to pot and saute until they are tender, stirring enough
so they don't stick/burn
3) Add potatoes and enough broth so leeks and potatoes float
relatively freely, like a load of laundry
4) Simmer until potatoes are quite tender, then let cool a bit
5) Use immersion blender and blend as little or much as you prefer
6) Salt & pepper to taste

lemon curry potato leek soup with coconut milk

I like this loose recipe because you can change the soup very easily:
bacon fat, chicken broth and a little cream at the end for a heartier
version; olive oil and veggie broth for a vegan soup; add in garlic
and onions with the leeks and beef broth for a richer french-onion like soup; use sweet
potatoes, curry, lemon, and finish with coconut milk for something completely

lemon curry potato leek soup

But I ramble- hopefully you like potatoes and leeks.

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