smurf sex

"Good Jevan;
I have been gifted several K2 LEDs. They are 450 nM (deep royal blue)
and can be run at 1 amp plus (with heat sink). These mothers are BRIGHT!

Got any uses for such ? Eq to about a 60W bulb but monochromatic."

Hmm... can't really think of any real uses.... intense mood lighting?

me: "amelia's let's-pretend-we're-smurfs sex parlor"

Jevan: hehe

me: but I'm not sure you should tell my dad that...

Jevan: I'm just gonna reply with something along the lines of: "Wow those sound cool... but I don't think I have any real use of them... other than intense mood lighting"

me: okay
no smurf sex?

Jevan: hehe
I'm not sure if it'd work out like you are imagining

me: we'd probably look more like blue men

me: and blue men just make me think of analrappy now

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