Deviled Eggs 2010

For the Thanksgiving deviled eggs this year I used a flavor combination I have been very much into lately. It brightens up the cool days, but doesn't seem as seasonally incongruous as say a strawberry balsamic would (not to mention how strange that would be in deviled eggs...) Mostly I've been using these ingredients together as a salad dressing or quick pasta sauce, but imagine they'd also be fantastic on fish.

At any rate, these are the deviled eggs. No pictures; they were eaten up before I remembered my camera.

The amount of each of these ingredients will vary depending on the size and tastes of your group, as always, proportions are to taste.

  • enough eggs for your group, one whole egg per person is a good estimate
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • capers, as many as you'd like
  • garlic, minced
  • lemon zest, one lemon's worth
  • mayonnaise (only for the deviled egg version)
  • optional- a small amount of anchovies/anchovy paste, I would have used this if no vegetarians were present, but they were
  • eggs, more than you need as some will break in the process
  • paprika, to garnish
  1. if your eggs are less than four days old leave them out at least overnight prior to boiling. This makes them much easier to peel than very fresh eggs.
  2. boil eggs and let cool completely
  3. with a super sharp knife cut eggs lengthwise, put whites in one bowl and yolks in another
  4. rinse whites clean, then return to bowl
  5. in large bowl, beat together eggs and appropriate amount of mayonnaise until fluffy (a few Tbsp should do it.) I used my kitchen aid this year. It was awesome.
  6. beat in a Tbsp or two of olive oil, just enough to impart the flavor nicely
  7. beat in capers, several cloves minced garlic, lemon zest and anchovy if using. I love capers, so used 4-5 Tbsp for one and a half dozen eggs, I would have used even more if I'd known they'd go over so well.
  8. scoop all the yolk mixture into a zip-lock or pastry bag
  9. cut off the corner of the bag and pipe a yolk-sized mound of yolk mixture in to each white half
  10. garnish with paprika and serve, if I'd been thinking ahead or fancy I'd have garnished with additional lemon zest and a caper

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