Saturday project

Going to China in three days? Haven't started packing?

I know just the thing that should be number one on your to-do list; how about reupholstering the dining table chairs?

Sound good?

No, really, look at these:

Thought so.

(Admittedly, the other two, the ones we use, were not nearly this bad.)





And very easy.

  1. Just unscrew the seat from the chair base.
  2. Remove all the staples (this took us about 15 minutes per chair; really, who uses that many staples?)
  3. Unfold the old fabric and measure or use directly as a template for the new fabric
  4. Cut fabric and carefully fold and staple around the seat.
  5. Screw seat back on to chair frames.
  6. Voila! Exciting new chairs, for about $3!
I really liked this fabric, found at Ikea for less than $2 a yard. But, it's not upholstery fabric, so I'll probably get to switch it up again in a year or two. In the meantime I'll be on the lookout for cool upholstery samples.

Of course now I'm tempted to paint little green, white and black birds along the chair backs- which would limit future fabric choices.

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