MLK Cake 2010

mlk cake

Jevan and I met on January 15th, 2005 that weekend, and every anniversary since, has fallen on the Martin Luther King Jr holiday. The first weekend we baked a cake together together (we got domestic very quickly.) Love and lust drunk we decided to make it black & white swirled, with red/pink frosting in the middle, to symbolize harmony and the insides we all share.

This is our fifth year together, and fifth cake.

gleefully icing cake
The first year

We either didn't take pictures of the second year, or they're on some hard drives I need to hook up and transfer pictures from.

mlk cake 2008
Year the third

mlk cake 2008
The best so far.

MLK cake 2009
The fourth, in which I learned a valuable decorating lesson.

I'm just a tad bitchy and judgmental about cupcakes (aren't they so 2006/2007?) BUT, I woke up from a dream, knowing how I could get the design for this years' cake right, and if it involves cupcakes--so be it.

The Idea: mlk cake 2010 draft
I woke up Sunday morning thinking of this and rushed to draw it before my mind blanked. Now to see how we can execute it.


mlk cakes

Not the worst, but I learned several more important lessons in decoration, the first of which is marzipan is a bitch to work with.

I hope everyone had a fantastic MLK Day, and remembered "don't be a dick" not to anyone, not if they look different and not if they think different; "don't be a dick" is an imperative.

Recipe to follow.

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