Tuna Salad

I was thinking the other day, that egg salad and, even more faithfully, tuna salad are the foods that most people make exactly like their mothers.

I remember going over to a friend's house, and being utterly creeped out by the mayonnaise-soaked-chopped-celery-full concoction her mother served. Why was it so soupy? what were those strange crunchy bits doing, calling such attention to themselves, didn't they know they didn't belong there?

Standing in the kitchen I realized that my own children will either be at a terrible advantage or disadvantage, depending on your point of view--because I almost never make tuna salad the same way twice.

Sure I started out making egg salad and tuna salad the same as my mother did. I even made them both the same.
  • chop up the protein
  • mix in enough mayo to wet
  • add as much pickle relish as you want (sweet or dill)
Most of the time I still make egg salad this way, but my tuna cravings have varied. Last night I found success:

  • Albacore tuna
  • mayo & olive oil combination to wet
  • chopped up red bell pepper
  • lots of capers
  • chopped up hot red pepper
mix it all up and enjoy

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